(EN) Before and After Thursday

Hello babes,

I’m starting a new series I’m really excited about ! Each Thursday I’ll post before and after makeup photos ! I’ll have different models each week and I really hope you like it.

Sooooo, here I am without any makeup.. Hope you’ll be back after these 2 photos :)) .

no makeup makeup :))            no makeup makeup :))

And here I am with a full face of makeup !

eye makeup                     
sleek eye makeup

This is more like it, right ?!


For the soft smoky eye (I kind of see it as one, do you?) I used Sleek Eye Palettes and the Sleek Eau La La Liner.

On the lids I used Garden of Eden. First, I applied Paradise on Earth and on top of it Eve’s Kiss (because I realized I want a lighter color on the lids).

sleek garden of eden

Under the brow I used Nougat from the Au Naturel palette. In the inner corner I applied a tiny bit of Gullible from Bad Girl, in the outer corner I used my fave color from Garden of Eden which is Flora.

sleek au naturel sleek bad girl sleek storm

In the crease I used Storm’s Calm before the Storm and Au Naturel’s Honey Comb. I tight lined my upper and lower lash line with Sleek Eau La La Liner and I blended the lower lash liner with some Maple from the Ultra Matts V2.

sleek ultra matts v2

The nude lipstick, my only nude lipstick, actually, is Maybelline’s Coffee Craze (740).

For concealing under the eyes I used a Concealer Palatte from Sephora. Cheekbone highlighter is MUA Undress Your Skin, the tiny bit of contour is Kett FixxCreme in Pro Olive 9.

For my base I combined Farmasi’s Moisturizing and Smoothing Foundation with the ELF Maximum Converage Concealer in Nude. For eyebrows I used Rimmel’s Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Brown 002 and for mascara I combined Avon’s Wonderlash with Maybelline Rocket Volume.

Hope you liked my first episode of Before and After Thursday. I’ll see you next week !

XoX Monica


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