(EN) La Roche-Posay: review + my honest opinion

Hello babes,

Today’s post is about Serozinc from La Roche-Posay. When I bought this product, I wasn’t aware of the hype around it or about the controversy over it. Only after I used it up and started to think about reviewing it, I found out that some claim it’s been their holy grail, acne wise. Others don’t think it’s worth the money, saying it’s just water and salt (which is the sodium chloride) with some zinc sulfate.


As I said, I used up this bottle of water and salt and I liked it very much ! Now, I can’t claim that it’s cured my acne or that I noticed a significant change on my skin for that matter. But it did something I really, really liked and that is calm the redness and pain of a new pimple (god ! I hate this word) and not only that, it soothed and refreshed my skin.

I usually sprayed it on my face at night, before going to sleep, after removing my makeup and cleansing the skin. And for a few nights I didn’t even apply moisturizer after using Serozinc; my skin felt soothed and moisturized enough for bedtime. I wouldn’t apply my makeup straight after spraying it, without a moisturizer first.


Something else I used to do, whenever I noticed a new badboy (see what I did there?) wanting to come out and play, was spray some Serozinc onto my fingers and massage that badboy; and it worked, badboy was having second thoughts, so to say :D.


I also liked using it as a makeup setting spray ! I really believe that it helped making my foundation stay in place for a longer time. Did you notice that too ? Or am I just crazy? 🙂 Because if I am, you can just say it !

Overall, I honestly think Serozinc is worth trying, at least once, before dismissing it as an expensive bottle of water and salt. (it’s not even THAT expensive). I know I will definitely repurchase it !

Feel free to disagree or to approve in the comments below 😀 .

XoX Monica


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